WEG Automation Europe will exhibit at the Global Elevator Exhibition (GEE), the European hub for the worldwide meeting of the elevator, escalator, moving walkway and component industries, held in Milan, Italy, from November 15 to 17, 2023. WEG will exhibit from Pav 10P – Stand D46 D48, showcasing the ADL500 elevator drive product line.

GEE represents and promotes the highest quality, safety, and technical standards, providing design solutions to meet every need. WEG Automation Europe will be there to attend the first edition of GEE in Italy since the inception of the business unit. The new drive manufacturing plant and competence centre was born from the acquisition of the motion control unit of Gefran in early 2023. The business unit combines WEG’s experience in drive systems with Italian excellence in inverter lift technology.  

WEG will exhibit the ADL500 elevator drive, an innovative new technology that promotes safety, efficiency and reliability. A further development from its precursor, the ADL300, the ADL500 is intrinsic to WEG Automation Europe’s inventory. All three of the drive’s models, the ADL510, ADL530 and the ADL550, will be on show at GEE.

The ADL510 has been engineered for easy installation with asynchronous motors, suited to low-rise buildings or modernisation in open and close loop applications. Both geared and gearless motors can be used with the ADL530, which is typically used for mid-rise buildings. The ADL550 is the most sophisticated of the three models, featuring advanced safety functions befitting high-rise buildings.

The integrated safety functions of the ADL550 include safe torque off, safe brake test and Electronic Brake Control in combination with EBC500 accessory, which monitors brake effectiveness and replaces electromechanical brakes with internal electronics. This model also provides remote monitoring, precise floor levelling and stand-by management that avoids energy consumption in idle state.

A further advantage of the ADL500 drive is the extensive communication functionality. Seamless WiFi and Ethernet integration allows the drive to be monitored and configured with laptops and mobile devices through the Intuitive APP WEG Liftouch available for Android, Ios and Windows. Another tool, the WEG Drives Remote Management System, can also be used to facilitate real-time control and monitoring of elevator drives from any location.

“GEE is a great opportunity for our organisation,” explained Karim Boudaoud, product manager at WEG Automation Europe. “As the Italian hub for the elevator and escalator sector, the event gives us a chance to show off our latest tech on home soil — helping to establish WEG Automation Europe as a go-to name in elevator automation”.

As a result of the combination of WEG’s innovative drive systems and inverter proficiency, WEG Automation Europe attendance at GEE 2023 demonstrates the organisation’s growing presence in the elevation automation sector.

Visit WEG Automation Europe at Pav 10P – Stand D46 D48 to learn more.